Friday, July 29, 2011

Got Issues

I would like to think I'm issue free, but honestly, I doubt that is truly the case. Tommy remarked once that I had the least issues of anyone he had ever met. It made me smile, but I secretly wondered if he was just being kind or still didn't know me that well. It may have been a case of both. I do have issues, though they are minute and I hide them very well. I have things that push my buttons. I'm aware of them and try to take control of them instead of being ruled by them. I try to turn them into non issues and deal with them privately. Part of self improvement or personal growth is being empowered to make the changes in the parts of yourself you aren't happy with. Losing weight is one example. Another is not letting social faux pas get to you. One person may not see what the big deal is, though to you (me) it is a sign of disrespect or ignorance or such. Those I don't broadcast. I let them pass unless it is so grievous that I can't let it go. Even then, I will do my best to hold my tongue and bitch quietly to myself about it. On the other hand, things that offend common decency shouldn't be disregarded, nor blown out of proportion. My biggest issues are listed below. Can you add to the list?

  • Personal insults in retiliation

  • Carelessness that results in a loss of some sort

  • Vindictive actions that cause regret or damage

  • Losing control of one's self to any detremint

  • Behaving callously with another's feelings

  • Disrespecting a person, or another's property

  • Tormenting a person or animal

  • Abuse toward another in any shape or form

1 comment:

Ur-spo said...

you are way ahead of most; most don't believe they have issues really, or only realize the superficial ones.
Through consciousness, will power, courage and a bit of self-restraint I think we can do just about anything.

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