Monday, July 11, 2011


Nothing has really changed around here lately. My father is still on the continually slow decline health wise. My parents have managed to get to the lake house twice this year so far. I'm glad about that. Who knows when will be the last time they get to enjoy it together. I'm still battling the bulge. In fact, I've actually gained about 10 pounds. I attribute it to stress and lack of selection while at work. Tommy is still looking for work. I do wish something would come along for him. On the romantic front it ain't gonna happen I'm afraid. I'm disappointed, but what can you do? They either like you that way or they don't. Apparently he don't. My wonderful Izzy is still wonderful and a great reason to be home. I can't imagine my life with the pooch. Jessica and I have had drinks a couple of times after work. I stay for one, though if it wasn't already a long day, I'd love to have more! Work is work and a paycheck. Nothing to get excited about. I keep applying for jobs when I find something that interest me. So far nothing. I'm playing the lottery, cause you can't win if you don't play. No one has invited me to any parties this year so far. I have been to the naked pool a few times this summer, but it's losing it's appeal. It's just so far to drive. My parents place is still on the market. Only a couple of half ass offers that they haven't even seriously considered. I hope it sells soon, but doubt it will. My mother is holding up pretty well. No more mentions of Hospice. They go to the doctor next week, so we will see how it goes. I guess I'm stuck in a rut, as usual. Bored out of my mind. Still lonely to some degree. Basically, I decided I'm not gonna give a shit anymore. Somebody wants me, they are gonna have to put forth a tremendous effort. And life goes on.....


Ur-spo said...

I am sad to hear you are feeling despondent.
Hang in there; these things all sort out in time.

Mind Of Mine said...

I hope things get better for you.

Stan said...

I know how you must feel. I've come to realize I'll probably be by myself for the rest of my life but that's okay. I've just come to accept it. At my age of 60 who's gonna put up with my shit and vice versa?
Sorry to hear about your Dad. I went through the same thing with my Mom. It's never easy to see a parents health decline.
The job market sucks right now and they say to be happy with whatever job you have right now so hang in there because there are others in the same boat. Sorry I know that doesn't help much.
I hope overall things get better for you.

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