Saturday, May 19, 2012

Off Again

Had a three day weekend that I've looked forward to, but have done little to entertain myself. Friday and Saturday, I worked about 4 hours each day, at my mother's houses, taking care of things for her. Between the two places, mowing, weed eating, tilling and even changing the oil in the tractor, I'm exhausted. I'm still off Sunday, so I'm gonna try to do nothing.

I had been chatting with a fella on Adam4Adam and finally met him last night. Let's just say I like his profile better. There won't be another meeting. Don't get me wrong he wasn't too far off in his representation of himself, but enough to turn me off. I actually think when I first met him, it was the first time I seriously considered turning around and leaving. But I have needs, they were satisfied and then I left. Guess there really is a reason I don't bother with guys that are too near by and under 30. Oh well....on to the next.


Ur-spo said...

indeed, onward and upward.

JJ7 said...

nothing good comes out of A4A. Have you given a shot? But then again have you thought about volunteering at the food bank, meals on wheels for a few hours? You will be surprised who you meet.

JJ7 said...

Ask yourself ... Are you a Dating Hypocrite ?

It is hard I know from personal experience that getting up the nerve to ask someone out on a date was tough. I've been rejected for various reason and I always thought, I may not be a muscle bound porn star but I have a lot to offer someone. I luckily met someone that thought I was a good person and we have been happy in our relationship for close to 10 years. But, it then dawn on me that when I was looking for someone, I was placing unrealistic expectation and limiting my options when I was on the hunt. We all have filled out the questionnaire or profile on a dating site and listed the premium qualities we wanted in a guy. From height and weight to cock size, we list the things that we find the most appealing and we don't settle for anything less. Even though a guy could have a great job, a quality education, a great personality and stability, you would dismiss them if they didn't fit into the categories listed on a dating site, (ie porn star gym body and good looks only apply).

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