Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fighting Back

Once again we were told that we don't matter. Our relationships aren't important. That religious beliefs triumph civil rights. We were shown that putting civil rights to a majority vote isn't the way to gain them. That our enemy is very effective at campaigns based on lies and distortions. We were also shown that the anti-gay organizations will not stop till all gay and lesbians are back in the closet, unseen and unheard from at the least, and their preference would be to see us dead or non-existent.
Now is the time to formula a new plan. Educating the ignorant, strengthening support from our allies and undermining the credibility and funding of hate groups, should become our priorities. Striking back with boycotts has met with limited success. Installing allies into government offices has paid dividends. Now the next step.
We have been too reactive, showing up to the fight after it starts, always on the defensive. We must now become proactive. Take the fight to their gate. Keep them off balance. Hammer them hard and repeatedly. This should be ongoing, whether there is a ballot measure or not. We need a constant stream of negative imaging campaign that ties directly to the groups and their funding sources. For example, using websites, on air advertising, billboards, etc. that exposes the facts of the corruption in Catholic churches, the shady dealings of vocal hate preachers, let the general public know that these people cannot be trusted to tell them the truth, that they are self serving and only want to enslave the population to serve them and their needs, through manipulation and lies, to arrive at their ultimate agenda of a theocracy. Pit them against other religions as to who would rule over the new theocracy they so desperately want to create for their God.
There is enough infrastructure in place, but the efforts need to be coordinated and relentless. Use the same broad brushstrokes used against us to paint them. This isn't about revenge, but survival. It truly is us against them. Our allies can only do so much. We need to step up our efforts, use the same rule book as they and above all, stop playing nice!


Anonymous said...

Rex Wocker has a piece on his blog which states that while there was alot No On 1 was doing right,they were still afraid to kick it up a notch out of fear they would alienate people favorable to No On 1. They kept the handcuffs on.

Java said...

I second that motion.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Dave. I have to say I fully agree.

Russ Manley said...

I hear you Dave, and believe me buddy I'm just as upset as you are...and so tired of this long long struggle. The thing is, though, will we really gain anything by stooping to their level? You step in the pig pen, you won't clean the pig, you'll just get muddy yourself. I'm reading what MLK thought when faced with similar prejudice and outright hatred.... and kept his feet on the high road. that's an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

It harkens to the double edge sword argument, OR, damed if you, damed if you don't.

The question to be asked is, who is bring that sword. Is it the anti-gays, the cafeteria christians? Or is it us, many of whom have things pretty much locked down as it is and can't risk any kind of change?

I've said or wrote this elsewhere... it really doesn't much to scare gays back into the closet, you know...

TomS said...

Great comments. This is my first time here and I hope to drop by more often.
I am in complete sympathy with your opinions about being consistent, relentless, and coordinated.
I'll look forward to more from you!

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