Monday, November 16, 2009


Well, today my parents finally moved in to the other house, my grandparents former place! I'm worn out today. Even though we had moved a great deal of stuff over the last week, this last bit still took almost 8 hours! There is still much to be done though. The deck needs to be built this spring or sooner. My father needs to have his shop built very soon to move his stuff into. The greenhouse needs to be moved and set up again. The dog kennel needs to be moved too. Also, at some point, we will begin getting the old place ready to put on the market. And of course, start construction on my house when everything else is completed. I'm exhausted thinking about it. I would have never guessed there was so much to do, but there certainly is, despite having worked for over a year now just getting to this point. Of course, had my parents decided to have this work done, instead of us doing it all ourselves, it would have been completed in about half the time. Oh well, a penny saved is a penny earned.

In other news, the research paper due this week is coming along. I just can't get excited about ethical hacking. I have about 3 more paragraphs to complete it. I'm more concerned with getting the MLA format correct than anything. My notes in class about the formatting has help some but still I've email the instructor a couple of time to clarify a couple of items that proved problematic. Learning Microsoft Word, but doing it in OpenOffice hasn't been easy, but is manageable given their similarities. I would like to keep my average up. Right now I'm at 94.6 and want to keep it there or higher. Guess I'll have to wait to see how it turns out.


Java said...

Good luck on your research paper. I've got one due at the end of the semester that I'm SUPPOSED to be working on now. Haven't done much yet. I'll kick myself later. Right now I'm taking a break from studying for a big exam I have tomorrow.

Congrats on getting the folks moved into the "new" house. And good luck getting the rest of the stuff in place. When do you get to start on the construction of your new place?

Larry Ohio said...

I loved doing big research papers. Very rewarding when finished. Good luck with yours, Dave. (And yours too, Java).

Lemuel said...

Is it part of your class to learn MS Word vis OpenOffice or is this your choice (perhaps for understandable economic reasons)?
Having been on the teaching side of such courses, I never quite understood why the academic community did not do students and the world in general a big favor and use OpenOffice as the basis for teaching. It is free, readily available, and contains some very nice features. It would also help to break the Microsoft stranglehold. Businesses as well as schools could save thousands by moving to the OO standard.

Russ Manley said...

Jeezus, Dave - I'm exhausted just thinking about all the move and relocating too. But then I always was a lazy ass . . . lol.

Hang in there with the paper, you can knock it out and then feel so glad it's over with!

(Psst - I looked this up for you, - try it you'll like it. what a great world we live in today, I'd have paid big money for help like spell check and all the stuff the kids have now . . . . )

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