Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well Now, Isn't That Special?

I had upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 with no problems. Everything was going fine. Loving life and a much improved operating system. Sunday, I put up the Christmas tree and decided to install the camera software on the laptop so I could download them. Big mistake! Huge mistake! The software wasn't compatible with the Windows 7 upgrade. Before I could search online for an upgrade to the camera software, the damage was done. It had reset all the defaults, and I mean ALL, to Windows Photo Viewer. Internet Explorer. Gone. OpenOffice. Gone. Almost every software was changed. The only way I discovered I could still access the Internet was by happenstance. While transferring all my files to flash drives for backup for the inevitable hard drive wipe, I stumbled upon my Favorites folder. In it contained enough software code to access the Internet. Yeehaw! After two painful days of not being able to do anything, and a trip with the laptop in tow to Best Buy, I was able to sneak in the back door as it were, to get on the web. Now the Windows 7 was a free download offered through the school. I can access the site, but can't download the operating system again. The default setting is preventing it. The website doesn't offer the option of burning it to a disc. (Those I've been able to get to play.) I also had done away with the recovery disc for Vista once I installed Windows 7, thinking I wouldn't need them any more. So now gentle readers, I'm in a quandary till classes resume next Tuesday, and have a chance to speak with an instructor to see if they have the option of burning the disc available to them, to which I can get a copy. That is where it stands at the moment.


FDeF said...

Sorry to hear of your Windows7 difficulties. There is only one real solution: a Mac. I know Apples/Macs are pricey, but Oh, So Worth every dime. Transferring data, including software from one to another was done without a hassle. And on the chance that you screw things up, you can go to the Apple Store (even if you didn't buy it there) and one of the cute Mac boy geniuses will take care of you - for free! Oh, So worth every dime.

Lemuel said...

Whatever you decide, I highly recommend the software with which you can make a bit-wise backup of your system and to use it weekly to back up everything. When you need to restore, it lays down an exact copy onto the hard drive and you are ready to go. My experience has been that I am up and running in about a half hour and every thing was as it was.

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