Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When It Rains

Well, this is turning out to be an interesting week. Where to even begin?

First of all, the furnace has stopped working. Not really surprised or upset over it. I've been resetting the breaker since last winter. Never could figure out the problem then, so when it started this time I figured I have to keep it up for this season as well. At first, I thought it was the breaker having gone bad. It appears after my father talked with some of his cronies that the trouble is with the furnace, that is why it continually trips the breaker. I've got to call someone to look at it after I get this nasty house cleaned up enough for a visitor. It's almost 20 years old so some type of repair or maintenance is to be expected. It just isn't convenient.

Next on my endless list of frustrations is my own stupidity. I was working on my research paper that is due on the 14th. I wiped out some of the work when I installed Windows 7. No bigger, I wasn't that far along. I was so focused on it I forgot to do another assignment for that class due last Saturday. Hopefully it won't ruin my 94.61 average in the that class, but a zero is bound to hurt. In my other class I have 94.1 average. Now if I can keep from screwing up anything else, I'll be fine.

The other school related thing is registration started on Monday. Already had the paperwork filled out and an turned into the instructor to load into the computer. All I was gonna have to do was go pay for it. Turns out, she couldn't because of something in the system that says I need to talk with someone in the office. I'm a little miffed that isn't didn't call me to let me know. I could have done it this morning. These computer classes fill up very fast! If I can't get the last three classes, I'm gonna have to quit and devote much more time to a full time job search. I can't go another 6 months or year till these classes or offered again. It's all I can do to stay with it now.

Another source of tension for me is the fast approach of Christmas. I have no job, no prospect of one, no interview offers, nothing. This should be the time for seasonal hiring. No job, no Christmas gifts. I'm sick about it, or at least when I can find the time to think about it. It sucks. There is nothing worse than receiving gifts when you have nothing to give in return, however small it may be. Be there, done that. Don't want to do it again.

Since I don't have money to purchase my own groceries, my mother has kindly step in to help. The down side is I don't eat properly so I haven't lost any more weight. The upside, I haven't gained any back either. I'm still at the 200 pound mark. My goals was to be at 175 by now. If I could have continued on the way I was going, I would be.

That's enough venting for now. I won't even mention the marriage crap right now or the other hater activities that drive me to distraction. I'm hanging in there. It will get better. At some point!


Lemuel said...

It is very difficult to break this mindset in our culture with regard to gift-giving at the holidays. It is strangling us all, myself included, because we all get wrapped up in "things". I know it is not easy, but perhaps for this Christmas you can consider alternatives, such as making your gifts (from inexpensive materials) or offering to do (or just doing) something for someone (a "service"/"act of kindness" instead of a "thing") or even "re-gifting" something that you already have.
UD, I've hung around your blog for long enough that I know you are a talented and resourceful person. You have a lot to give that is valuable to others, something that will endure in the hearts and souls of those you love much longer than things that break down, wear out, or go out of fashion.

witomski said...

Dave...I gave all of that gift giving crap up a long time ago, except for the young nephews.....afterall, Christmas is for children. Now, I have two small dinner events....one for cthe closest of friends & one for the in-laws. Sharing holiday cheer this way is far more appreciated....I, too, like you have been unemployed for 7 months and it is becoming quite demoralizing....you sorta feel discarded. Keep focused....I think it's great that you are re-inventing yourself....Regards...Joe

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