Thursday, November 5, 2009

Notice to Anti Gay Groups

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witomski said...

Dave....the kid with the butter knife reminds me of a very funny story......It was Christmas morning about 5:00. My siblings & I were instructed never to come downstairs until we were called. Being the little shit I was, I disobeyed and came downstairs anyways. There it was, the tree all a sparkle, but I wanted a better look. So I climbed upon the sofa arm and reached to turn on the lamp next to the tree. To my surprise, there was no bulb in the socket and the switch was on! Feeling around, I stuck my finger in the socket (unpleasant surprise); yelled; lost my balance & fell into the tree! Awaking Dad, he was not amused. After a big ol' wack on the ass, I was sent to my room all day, and opened gifts that evening.....Ah, the fond Christmas memories we all have....Joe

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