Saturday, October 24, 2009

God's Agenda?

Can you imagine what could have been done with the money that churches and religious folk have spent trying to deny marriage to same sex couples? I was taught that first and foremost God was about unconditional love. I was taught the the Golden Rule was paramount in church teachings. Also that the Ten Commandments where to be strictly adhered to. I was taught that we live under Grace (the new testament) not the Law (the old testament). That was the purpose of the sacrifice. While I no longer attend a church or believe in one single dogma, my religious studies have found the same basic tenants in most every major religion on the planet, even if expressed differently. The behavior of churches against the gay civil rights movement has been appalling, downright blasphemous. It smacks God in the face, regardless of what form he may take for you personally. Granted not all, support these attacks and do good works as directed, but they are accessories to the facts simply by not aggressively taking a stance against them. They are directed to do such when other followers are out of line with biblical teachings, to gently admonish them. How many people could have been fed, clothed, or sheltered? How many could have had their home saved or electricity restored or prescriptions refilled? How many could have truly been helped that are deeply suffering through this recession? Instead, the churches and other religious folk disobeyed God's word to help others, to treat them with respect, to force their view, their agenda on the nation. That is the greatest abomination.


Larry Ohio said...

America is quickly moving into a Salem Witch mentality like what happened in Mass. in the 1690s. Religious extremism has been substituted for rational thought. We've become the modern-day witches, but as you said we are not the only ones suffering. All the money they spend trying to destroy us could have been spent on the needy.

Daryl said...

What more can you say but, AMEN!!!

Ur-spo said...

Obviously you haven't grasped the basic Christian principal that nothing needs reforming so much as other people's habits.

witomski said...

Dave...The notion of "gay marriage" would be far more accepting if we would stop using the word "marriage" is civil unions and the secular rights associated with them is what we desire. Marriage is part of religious institutions and basically a private club with its own doctrine and rules. If we don't like the club, its rules and its membership, then don't join the club...we don't have the right to change it. We do have the right to civil union!....Regards...Joe

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