Friday, October 30, 2009

Software Update

Howdy y'all! I've had quite the adventure installing Windows 7 Professional over Vista Home Basic on my laptop! It has been a relative easy process, albeit, time consuming. I haven't lost much information and still trying to locate a few files that are still hiding somewhere on the hard drive. I was able to transfer most things very easily thanks to the new software. I was unaware however that this version, which was free through the college for students, doesn't really have any productive software suites with it. I've had to reinstall some of them from disk, but overall, it has been a happy experience. Vista was a pox upon my life and I'm glad it is gone. Good riddance to bad software! I keep y'all informed of how it's going!


Java said...

I want Windows 7! I agree, Vista is a pox upon us all.

Lemuel said...

I'll also agree with you about Vista, but I'm already not thrilled about what I'm hearing about 7.

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