Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cool Rain

Rainy night, cool breezes.
Fall temps keep you inside.
A roaring fire in the hearth,
a loyal dog at your feet.
Sitting in your wing chair,
your cardigan pulled tight.
A book in hand.
A snifter of brandy on the side table.
All is right with the world.


Jim said...

But where's the man resting his head in your lap? That would be perfect!

Ultra Dave said...

Yes it would! So, when you coming up?

Ur-spo said...

That does sound lovely. I miss having a fireplace.

Russ Manley said...

very cool poem, I like that.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Sounds very nice. I would lvoe to curl up with a Man and hold him while looking at a fire.

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