Saturday, October 3, 2009

Venting 101

I try not to complain much on my blog, but sometimes it just feels good to do it.

This has been a very trying week for me. Not exactly sure why. I have been continuously frustrated day after day this week. Part of it is school, part of it is money related and the rest is just the general slow pace of getting the land cleared. We are still waiting for the damn bulldozer guy to show up.

Of course all the backyard and side yards being dug up hasn't helped either. It looked like I was installing a moat around the trailer. Thankful it hasn't rained or it would have been a muddy mess for sure. I lost the Magic Carpet Spirea I so tenderly nursed because it it. That really pissed me off and I let the dumb ass responsible have an ear full. After dodging them all morning, he plows over them after I leave. To say I was furious would be an understatement.

School is going fine, at least grade wise. The two classes on two different campuses is wearing thin and using a lot of freaking gas. I'm trying to catch up in one class that I missed a day in because of a sinus headache that morphed into a migraine. Up till then we only done maybe one graded assignment a week, that day we did five! I completed one and doing my best to catch up the other 4 by going in an hour early. That makes for a long evening class. It was already a 2 hour class. I'm exhausted on my school days.

I'm still helping my parents around the other house, trying to get it ready for them to move into before Thanksgiving. There is still so much to do even after a year. Thankfully, all of it is outdoor related. The new deck, a workshop to be built, a greenhouse moved, the yard sowed as soon as the bulldozer guy shows up.

Then there is the work of clearing, grading and sowing my house site. Since construction most likely won't begin till after the first of the year, I'm gonna go ahead and put out grass seed to keep the topsoil from washing way. I can also move a few of my remaining shrubs over there out of the way.

Once my parents are moved, we can start on their old place, readying it to be put on market. That seems like another year's worth of busy. I'm sure it won't take that long but after this last year of fixer upper crap, I've about had enough of it. We are supposedly gonna start moving some of the furniture over to the other place Monday. Maybe we can get started painting in those vacated rooms. There is a long list of stuff to do to spruce it up.

My unemployment has officially ran out. There are no job prospects. If I could find one, I have to consider how it will effect finishing school or do I have to give up on it in order to work. My money has dried up. My mother bitches because I need gas money or spending money every few days. I work to earn it from them. It isn't a gift. If I was fortunate enough to land a job, then how are they gonna manage to do all that is still needed? There isn't enough of me or hours in the day to do it all. Helping them 3 and 4 days a week, school 2 days a week, plus homework and just general taking care of my own shit, consumes my entire week. No money or time to party anymore. If I got a job, something will have to fall by the wayside.

Well enough venting and ranting for now. Hope everything is better in your neck of the woods.


Jim said...

You are a busy boy!

I'm sorry about the job and money headache...

Java said...

:( Sounds like a series of royal pains.

I was in your town for about 20 minutes today. Next time I'm there, if I'm there longer than 20 minutes, I'll give you a call.

Ur-spo said...

These 'vents' are what makes you/your blog personal. I am glad to read them - even though you are a hurting pup!

CJ/Rick said...

Come on Dave. Didn't you feel a tiny bit better after sharing all those issues?
I'm sure all of this will be a faded memory for you soon and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Hang in there!

witomski said...

You need a serious hug!



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