Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Trouble With Keys

Several years ago, I was in Salisbury, about 65 miles from home, visiting my sister. It was a pleasant visit. We said our goodbyes. I set down in the car, closed the door and went to stick the key in the ignition. And it broke. I didn't hit the hole head on, just slightly off center, and with no great force. The key snapped into two pieces. Part on the floor, the other still on my keyring. This wasn't something easily fixed. I had no spare with me, but my parents did, 65 miles and over an hours drive away. I had no money for a locksmith or credit card to even delay the cost. Thankfully, my sister came to the rescue. Seems a guy she is acquainted with has a slight crush on her and happened to work for a car dealership! Oh, how fortuitous! She called him, ask what information we needed and we headed over. After a few minutes of waiting for her to flirt a new key out of him at no cost, we were on our way back to her house. I thanked her profusely, put the key in the ignition and it started as if nothing had happened! Still haven't figured out why the key broke.

I was over at the other place helping my father last year. We were going to ride over to the have lunch at home with my mother. Since I keep my keys and my wallet in the car while working over there to avoid losing them, I went to the car to get them out and lock it up before riding with my father. I reached for the handle and the doors locked! All four of them! Just as I lifted the handle. Since the keys were already in the car, I couldn't have accidentally depressed the lock button on the keyfob. But plain as day, all the locks were down and the "armed" light was flashing. Well, since I hadn't given the extra key to my parents for this vehicle, I kept it at home. So obviously, I had to go there to retrieve them at some point, but lunch was waiting. After we ate, I borrowed my mother's car to go fetch the other keyfob. It opened like a charm, as it should have. Still can't figure out why the car locked itself when I pulled up on the handle. Darnest thing.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

Have to say been there doenthat with the key inside the truck. My heart goes out to you.

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