Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!

Tomorrow will be my mother's 70th birthday! My grandmother once told me, that she had hope to have her on the 9th, for my grandfather's birthday, but it didn't work out that way. My mother is an incredible woman. My parents are high school sweethearts. Though all the parents involved thought they were too young to be married, they snuck off to the Justice of the Peace almost 53 years ago! My mother owned a beauty shop when we were younger. It was located off to the side of the front yard. She wanted to be home when we were after school. Later, when my sister and I were in high school, my parents built a new home closer to the school and my mother returned to college at 42, to become an RN. While working in one of the large hospitals in the area, she was one of the few nurses that didn't balk at caring for AIDS patients. She retired from Hospice of Union County several years ago. She is the one that got me interested in volunteering there. Both her and my father are very active in Hospice fundraising, giving of their money and time to a great cause. She is also very active in her church, forever cooking or baking as the need arises. The fact that my sister and I are both adopted from infancy, has always amazed me. I could not have been more loved or cared for by my parents or grandparents. My mother has always been me biggest supporter and advocate. She was there encouraging me when I felt there was no longer a reason. She pushed to make sure I got the proper medications and therapy when I was diagnosed with depression and still does. She has been generous with her money, her time, and most importantly herself. I love you Mama! Happy Birthday!


Ray's Cowboy said...

I hope you Mother has a wonderful day. She seems like she is full of spirit. Thank you for sharing apart of your life with us.

Lemuel said...

A most wonderful birthday to your mother! She sounds like a peach of a woman!

Ur-spo said...

indeed! happy birthday to her and many more.

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