Friday, July 31, 2009

Waiting to Exhale

My father has been a smoker all his adult life. He has worked in less than healthy environments as well. His father developed Emphysema and died of it complications. My father developed asthma about three years ago for which he takes medications regularly to control. Over the last year his weight has plummeted from a robust 210 pounds to 160 pounds. It doesn't look good on a 6'3" frame. His yearly X-ray during his physical revealed a spot on one of his lungs. A follow up CAT scan last week revealed there is two. Tuesday he goes for a PET scan. He is worried sick about it. So is the entire family. I hope it turns out to be nothing, but I know everyone is thinking cancer, we just aren't saying it. I hope the test prove us wrong.


Java said...

I hope everything turns out alright. That is a scary thing. hugs (((((Dave)))))

Ray's Cowboy said...

Dave my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ur-spo said...

anxious times, indeed.

Lemuel said...

My thoughts and prayers go with you, your father, and your family. Your situation reminds me of hearing of similar results of tests for my father and for my bf. Their news was not so good. I pray that it will not be that way for your father. HUGS!

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