Monday, April 19, 2010

AIDS Walk Charlotte 2010

Please consider even a small donation to AIDS Walk Charlotte 2010 to benefit R.A.I.N (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network). There is still time to make a difference in the life of someone living with AIDS or even help prevent the spread of HIV. For the cost of a movie ticket or a trip for 2 to Starbucks, you can make a difference. Please, won't you join the others who are helping make a difference?

I would like to thank those that have generously donated thus far:

Kelly Stern from Rambling Along

Sean Donohue from Just A Jeep Guy

Ray from Ray's Cowboys

Michael Rockwell from Spo Reflections

Larry Hohenbrink

Ann Marie

Gary Benner

Together they have helped raised $300.00!

Thanks so much!

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