Friday, April 2, 2010


I'm sitting here on this beautiful day, thinking to myself why? I have a little cash to spend thanks to my birthday money, so why I'm here staring at the computer screen, hoping it will entertain and fulfill me? Part of it is because whatever I do will be solo. The other part is because I'll spend all my money and feel poor again. I need to get out of the house besides to walk my dog or go feed my parents dog while they are at the lake house for the weekend. I'm glad my sister gave me $100 for my birthday. I think it was to ease the pain of telling me what a great vacation her family is going on yet again. This time to the Cayman Islands. I haven't had a vacation that wasn't unemployment related since 1988. Yeah, the last two decades have sucked that bad. When I was working, I had money but no time. Now I have time but no money. So what to do with my little windfall? Going out sounds fun, but expensive. Treating myself to dinner sounds depressing going alone. So as I sit here, drinking a glass of wine before dark that I've never done before, I contemplate my options. I'll let y'all know what I decided tomorrow.


FDeF said...

I can relate to that. I've been working very, very part time ("self-employed") for a year and a half. This month I expect my first Social Security check which will just about double my income. Yet, if I'm lucky to get more work, I'll make more than the limit, and they will reduce my Social Security. Catch 22 as they say. I worry about being able to afford soap and toilet paper in my old age!

But it's all relative. We are fortunate in so many ways: to be using a computer, to have spring, flowers, to have enough to eat, to have 100 bucks of mad money. I'd probably spend it on garden plants. Enjoy.

Ray's Cowboy said...

I would go and get a massage. I do understand were you are coming from. I do spend my money for the house. My heart goes out to you. I have nto been on vacation in 4 yrs. when I went to Alsaka to visit my parents on vaction.

Russ Manley said...

I can relate to all you say there, buddy. It's really no fun going anywhere alone, and I just won't go. Thank God for the Internet though.

CJ/Rick said...

When I was younger I use to allow myself so much for entertainment. Now it nauseates me as I peruse my AMEX and see how much I've eaten out etc.
If you save it you'll end up pissing it off on living expenses. Get yourself something you will enjoy, make life easier, or at least put a smile on your face Dave.

Java said...

Ah-yup. Sounds like life is a bummer, as usual. Will we get out of this place? Will it get better?

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