Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School Update

I have two of my three projects submitted. The third one concerns me the most. It is too time consuming to get it done correctly in class. Unfortunately it requires software I don't have access to over the weekend. The upside is, in this class my average is 97, so if I take a heavy hit on this project, it won't sink me completely. I'd still like to get an "A", but if it is a high "B", I'll take it. It is a very involved website with lots of bells and whistles that takes time to get to work. Of course it covers stuff we have only done once a month ago, so even more time is required to recall exactly what you are suppose to do and to tweak it. I hope I can get by the school during an open lab Thursday and get a little more done on it. The more of the rubric I can complete, the higher the score. Wish me luck!


Ray's Cowboy said...

Hope you the very best. I know you can and willbe able to reach your goals.

CJ/Rick said...

You can do it Dave. Don't settle for no high B. Shoot for that A. You know you can do it.

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