Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Ramble

I helped my mother transplant 11 plants this morning and prepared another flower bed for later. I took their trash to the dump for them too. We had lunch together. It has been a pleasant morning.

I still need to mow my yard. I'm dreading it. Not the mowing part, just the coughing and sneezing that follows for hours afterward.

Some good news! The magic carpet spirea I had mentioned here has come back out! I thought it was a gone for good. Yeah! Can't wait for them to bloom again. They are so pretty!

More good news, I finally received the second tier of my unemployment. It won't last long, but it is better than nothing! And certainly better than relying on my parents for every single penny. Now I'll be able to do a couple of things I had been wanting to do! Yippee!

Even more good news! My computer works like a dream! (At least for the time being.) I had the repair shop replace the bad hard drive with a larger one and add more memory! No more crashes! No more freeze ups! No more sluggish page loads! Woohoo! I'm excited!


anne marie in philly said...

a smile in the sky...that was my first thought upon looking at your picture.

Ur-spo said...

Good news, indeed!

Java said...

You had a good day!

Lemuel said...

a happy place for you!

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