Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Homework!

I have almost completed the business plan! Woohoo! I have worked a lot on it the last three days. I have a few other things to add, but it is mostly finished. I would be completely finished if I could figure out how to input the numbers into the software correctly. I emailed the instructor to cover it in class on Monday or email. I doubt though I'm the only one have a problem. It's a nice software package, but could use a little clearer instructions.

I've finished all my lessons for my online class. The only thing left is the project for it. Since getting my computer back, I've been able to submit the assignments that were missing that was dragging my grade down. Hopefully, that will pull my grade up a bit. I guess reloading the operating system help clear up the problems I was having. Whew! That is a nice feeling.

I've also got my images and text together for my web design project. I'm ready to go Monday and put it all together. I've decided to not risk installing Dreamweaver this close to the end of the semester. I need the laptop too much to do without it. If I can't get the project done or have it working correctly at school, my grade is high enough that I still wouldn't fail the class. At worst, I would end up with a "B". I can handle that!

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Rusty Truck said...

Sounds like you're making great progress, good luck with all that.

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