Friday, April 23, 2010

School Update

I've been working hard on my projects for school. I have two due Wednesday. One of them is the business plan. That has been a pain. So much info and trying to get it all organized. I decided to go the simple route and follow the grading rubric. If it ain't on it, I ain't messing with it! The other is a website for my Web Design class. I've got the stuff together for it. I have Monday and Wednesday's class to get it done. Talk about pressure! I'm trying to get the other done first so when I attempt to load DreamWeaver software on my computer and it screws up, everything else will be done first. That's my plan anyway. If not, then class time will be the only time I can get it finished. The last project is a website from HTML and JavaScript, made from scratch. Haven't even started this one yet. It's due May 4th, so I have a little more time. It will still be a pain as well though. I have gotten all but one lesson caught up for that class from my hard drive crash. I'm still waiting on about 4 things to be graded. At the moment, I have two "A" and one "C" without the final projects and the ungraded stuff in the online class. I'm hanging on, just a little bit longer and it will all be over with!! Woohoo!


Cubby said...

Hang in there!

Lemuel said...

Good luck! The finish line is in sight.

CJ/Rick said...

You can do it Dave. It will be over before you know it and you'll be so pleased with yourself.

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