Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Edge of Tears

There are tears we shed because of happiness or sadness or frustration or empathy. Some tears are sweet, others bitter. All seem to be cathartic. The emotions that trigger them are varied. At times, we are primed and ready to weep at a sad story or picture. Other times, it takes death or destruction to bring on uncontrollable sobs. Whether an Iron Man or house wife, the tears come to us all at some point. Tears seem to bring a sense of release when we allow them to flow freely, without hesitation. The emotional flood sweeps over the body, cleansing it, making it pure in a way. Releasing tension in muscles, quickening the breath. It's a good thing. Likened to a static discharge that makes it safe to touch metal again. We are somehow steeled against the emotional onslaught that ravages our psyche that touches our hearts and souls daily. The things that move us, we suppress the emotions to carry on. Just shed a tear. Just weep, if need be. Sob if you have to. After the last tear falls, we are stronger and more focused. More in touch and expressive with how we feel. Maybe we humans should walk on the edge of tears all the time, so we can be made whole and strong again at a moments notice.

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