Sunday, May 29, 2011


I went to bed but did nothing but toss and turn. After an hour and a half, I got up. Just too much stuff running through my head tonight. I figured I come do a post, hoping it will help clear it out so I can get to sleep.

I'm worried about my job. Since moving to the other department, nothing has seemed to go right. My sales have suffered terribly. The goals are unbelievable high, surprisingly much higher everyday than when I was in fine jewelry. I've been written up twice for things I had no knowledge was against policy. I'm on some sort of probation because of them. The first was leaving earlier than scheduled when I was in fine jewelry. (The others have done the same thing and told me it was ok, if there was floor coverage. They have since been spoken to as well, but I have know I idea if they were written up or to what extent.) The day I started was the last day the manager that hired me worked. I started in August of 2010. They finally said something about it in January. According to them, they were cutting me some slack because of that, so they skipped the first two write ups, wiped the slate clean, and let me start over, but did it as a third write up for my personnel folder. Some favor huh? The second was the recent suspension. Again something everyone in the department did and I get nailed for it. The girl that trained me did it. Told me that is what we do if there is a watch band we can't size. We would send them to another jeweler in the mall, let them bring us a receipt and then adjust the price of the watch, under $10, to make up for it. I even put the receipt in the drawer so whoever checked the stuff we turned in would know what the discount was for. I once again, had done this since I started in August of 2010. They finally said something in May of 2011. Not once did that person or anyone else ever come to me or anyone else in the department to inquire as to why there was deductions or receipts from another jewelry store in our paperwork. So now, I have these two strikes against me, through no fault of my own. That is the way I was trained. (I don't know if how the manager that hired me was, since I never worked with her, so maybe the others were trained properly. I have no idea.) I had no reason to doubt it or question it. Yet they have held me (and others) responsible for not knowing these things. It seems unfair to me. Almost like scapegoating. I have to wonder did the manager get any write ups or the other person for not asking questions? I bet not. I show up on time or early when scheduled. (I have missed 2 days because I was sick. 2 days with my eye emergency. And 2 days for snow, that doesn't count because the store closed.) Work while I'm there. Give it my best. I have been transferred from an area I love and superbly qualified for. Written up for things I was trained to do from the start. Now my sales are suffering from once again a lack of training. (I was actually suppose to go to a watch training seminar last Wednesday, but the manager never mentioned to me. When a saw a rep in the store the day before, she mentioned it. When I inquired of management about it, they told me they couldn't authorize the extra hours on my paycheck for me to go. And I was already scheduled off that day, I could have went.) To top it all off, I cover a huge area by myself most mornings and nights because they don't schedule but one person. I have stock twice a week that literally takes hours to open, put out and merchandise. I also now cover, other departments for their lunches and breaks. All I do is run from one side the store to the other to try to watch for customers, and try to help them. I do more clerking than assisting. ( It isn't just me. Everyone in the dapartment goes through the same thing at some point during the week, every week.) I don't like that. Supposedly, that isn't what Macy's wants us to do, but we have little choice when you are spread so thin. There is no way to give professional service when you are constantly on the move in a department that literally spans the width of the store. I use to love going to work. Now I hate it. I feel like they are trying to force me out though I can't imagine why. I'm on eggshells. I'm worn out and irritable from trying to do too much by myself. Now I fear I'll be let go because of sales performance. When I was in fine jewelry, I was always in the top ten sales for the store. Now, most days, I'm lucky if I get half my goal. I don't know what to do to improve it either at the moment. I've been applying for other jobs and buying lottery tickets. Maybe one of those actions will pay off soon. I need a job but not the stress. I have enough of that with everything else going with my parents. I need something really good to happen soon. End rant.


Anonymous said...
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Russ Manley said...

Can't you ask to be transferred back to fine jewellery, since you do so well in that department? Seems to me like management ought to see that as a no-brainer.

Ultra Dave said...

Wish I could Russ. But they lost a full time position, hence why I was moved. I could have stayed as part time, but I would have lost my benefits.

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