Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time In A Bottle

Another day. They pass so quickly now. A blur is usually all I recall. Once vivid details lost in the mix. Which day did this happen or was it that day instead. It's difficult to give each their due. I use to imagine time as a straight line. Then it became circular. Now I picture it more as a whirlpool. No, more like batter in a mixing bowl. Stirred up, from top to bottom. Left to right. Homogenized to the point where there is little separation of the days, the weeks, the months, the years. And now decades as I've gotten older. It's impossible to recall when something happened unless it was less than an hour ago. Of course somethings, people, events stand as beacons against the onslaught. I recall the terrorist attacks of 9/11 vividly. I recall the first time I met both of my ex's. I remember my first visit to a gay bar. I remember going to the doctor with my mother for her breast cancer check up. I remember all the times my father and I worked on projects around the house together. I remember family gatherings at the lake house for holiday weekends. Looking back now, with new eyes and a bit of wisdom, I pay more attention to detail. take more pictures, in hopes that it will help in the future. (It would probably help more if I would learn to set the correct time and date stamp on the camera.) I've learned to cherish time. Time with my parents, family, friends even coworkers. I know these moments are fleeting. No matter how routine something becomes, how trivial it may seem at the moment, I want to recall it in vivid detail. I want to relive the memory and the feelings it contains. I want to know least I forget in my old age some important lesson, milestone, event or person. I really wish I could save time in a bottle.

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Cubby said...

The is a relationship between memory retention and adrenaline levels. During times like the 9/11 attacks or going into a gay bar for the first time, our adrenaline levels are maxed out and that causes memories to be imprinted into our brains more permanently. On normal days, the best we can do is take pics and collect momentos.

I certainly take your meaning. There are times I want to make sure I remember something so I concentrate on it. I think it helps a little.

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