Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today's Exciting News

I woke up this morning around 4am with excoriating pain in my right eye. I stumbled around in the dark, half asleep trying to see what was going on with it in the bathroom mirror. No luck, couldn't see a damn thing. I did manage to get dress, take the dog out and head to my parents. How I got there in the dark, barely being able to see is beyond me. Thankfully, my father was up by the time I got there around 430am to 445 am. We tried rinsing under the faucet. Didn't work. It was burning and red as a tomato. My mother got up and took a look at it. She couldn't see anything. We used an eye rinse solution and then some eye drops. Nothing was working. Finally, she got dressed and took me to the local ER. We arrived there around 630 am. After about an hour's wait the doctor came in and gave me some numbing eye drops and did an exam. He couldn't locate any objects that would be causing it, but he did see scratches on my corona(?). So he set me up with some antibiotic drops and some other type of drops to use. I missed work today because of this. As of now, it is fine. I'm wearing sunglasses since my eyes are still dilated. My mother went to town and filled my prescriptions for me. Now all I can do is wait......and not rub it.

The doctor speculates that I may have scratched my eye in my sleep. Everything was fine before bed. I guess that is a good a reason as any. I hate to see the bill from the hospital for this. Out of $120 for the prescription, I only had to pay $18. Hopefully, the cost for the ER visit will be similarly reduced.


Cubby said...

Oh geez, that sounds so not fun. Not fun at all. Hope it heals quickly.

Jim said...

I hope you're ok! Will you start to wear mittens to bed now?

Ur-spo said...

you were visited by night demons, who tie your hair in knots, scratch and pinch you, and make you vote GOP.
Nasty things!

AJohnP said...

Zowie...that sounds painful. Hopefully, it'll be short lived. :-)

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