Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When my grandfather passed away in July 2008, I never would have guessed it would take three years to get my parent's old place on the market. After remodeling my grandfather's place, moving the parents in, remodeling the old place, it is finally done. The real estate agent came Friday to list the property. I've been trying to find the link to post but so far haven't been successful. As soon as I can, I will edit this post and add it. It has been a long three years and much has happened to hold up the progress. Along with the declining housing market and crappy economy, there was my mother's battle with breast cancer and my father's lung cancer and overall failing health slowing us down tremendously. But it all finally finished and on the market! It is a huge sigh of relief from all of us. I hope the place sells quickly. I'm trying to be optimistic that it will. The sooner it sells the less I and my parents have to try to keep up with and I can finally get a house of my own! Woohoo!!!


Russ Manley said...

House in the picture looks like a *very* nice house. Is that your parent's or your grandfather's?

Ultra Dave said...

My parent's old place. They remodeled my grandfather's and currently live in it. Wanna make an offer? LOL

Mind Of Mine said...

I wish you all the best. Sending positive optimism your way.

Anonymous said...

Whre is it at Dave?

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