Sunday, May 15, 2011


I saw a squirrel play the other day while on my break at work. The little fella would run a foot or so up the tree and jump off, rolling himself into a ball before landing. He would jump up, look around and do it again. He then discovered a twig that quickly became his best friend. He would roll over on his back and toss it in the air. Then he would jump over it, and around it as it laid on the ground. He would pick it up in his little paws and nipple the bud on the end then toss it in the air again. He rolled around on the ground. Jumped up and down. Up and down the tree. He paused, long enough to clean his paws and fluff his tail. Then back at it all again. He did this the entire 15 minutes I watched. Oblivious to the traffic in the parking lot a few feet away. Not caring that he was being watched. He kept himself amused. The birds chirped. The sun light dappled under the tree where he played. I stood mesmerized. I wanted to be a squirrel.

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Peter said...

Just put it on you reincarnation list

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