Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple Odds

A time and place unnamed.
Darkness drawn round,
clinging tightly
to hopes and dreams,
of kindred souls,
of happy ever after.
Discovered by chance.
The need deep and unmet.
Wondering what is real
and what is not.
Knowing it can all change
in a instant,
in a blink of an eye,
with that one person you meet,
that leaves you breathless,
that leaves you wanting more.

Paths untrod.
Unsung songs.
Misdirected energies.
Every moment of your life
coalesced into now,
this moment.
Heaven sent,
or simple fate,
or simply the odds played out.

Has been too long.
It seems to come to all at some point
Wondering if now is the time
or maybe later.
Holding your breath.
Saying your prayers.
How does it play out?
Parlayed advances.
Slow building trust.
Glimpses of what could be
or might have been.
Haunted by shadows of the past.
Dappled in hope and mystery
are the spirits of things yet to come.

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