Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Instructor Lacking

Wow, what an evening! One class in particular is driving me nuts at the moment. The online instructor must be an idiot. She post stuff for us to do, but doesn't check the links to see if they work or gives us incomplete directions; she gives us team projects to do, but doesn't assign us to teams; changes the date the assignments are due in an email without changing it on the web page; she takes forever to grade work submitted; she never has answered any question I've sent her directly. She is driving me crazy!!! I have no idea if I have a project due tonight or not. I received the email blast, but the information on the page hasn't changed and it is confusing as to what she is referring to. I hurriedly did both assignments to send to "team members" that she finally told us she wanted us to chose who to work with. It is frustrating!!! This is the reason I hate on-line classes. This is the reason I dropped out of this class before. The exact same problems have not been fixed in 6 months!! If this wasn't required for my certificate, I'd tell her to fuck off!!!!
I feel better now.


Java said...

Glad you feel better.

Can you contact someone in the administration about this? Or perhaps the head of her department? That's no way to run a railroad, as my Grandpa used to say. I've had a few online classes, and some were better than others. What you're dealing with there is rank incompetence. I'd alert the authorities if I were you. Her students should not have to put up with that kind of sloppiness on her part. Remember, you're paying for this. It needs to meet your needs.

Anonymous said...

Just because she has "brain-smarts" doesn't make her a good teacher. I had a professor like this in college for art history. He stood up in front of the class, smoking his pipe, and only would do slideshow presentations....jumping from one century to the next....never making an connections or sense. He didn't give us a single test except for the quiz at the end of the semester which 90% of the class failed. We complained and all got passing grades for the class and we never saw the professor anymore.....Joe

Lemuel said...

The sad reality is that there are many, many more instructors out there visiting their educational incompetency on many other students. I cannot help wonder if her classroom incompetence propelled her to online classes. Take a deep breath, squeeze your eyes tight, and prepare for a wild ride, but hang in there, Dave, till the end. Then it will be over and just a story to tell, certificate in hand.

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