Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let Me Tell You

Let me tell you about my day. It has not been a good one. First off, I've been working on the assignment for my online class to no avail. Nothing I have tried will get it to work properly. It is due tonight by midnight. I finally submitted it and said what the heck. I'm so gonna fail this class. Once again the instructor has been no help whatsoever!
Secondly, I visited my parents and learned my mother had fallen in the shower last night. She had a bruise on her arm the size of a pancake and a gash on the back of her head. It was bad enough my father took her to the emergency room. They waited for an hour, then came home without seeing any medical type person at all. She was tired of waiting. She seems to be okay, so she says. She is a retired nurse, so hopefully she will be looking for signs of a concussion.
Thirdly, I borrowed a little bit of money to take a trip into Charlotte after all that, to visit Jeff. Yep, I grew a pair overnight. After last week, and now this with my mother falling, and the stress of this online class, I just wanted to get away for a while. Jeff was having an open house so why no partake of free entertainment and get ideas for my house? He figured out who I was. Yeah! He showed me around the place, which was very nice by the way. I was upfront about not being there to buy but didn't mention anything other than that. There was a friend with him, that I have seen in many travel pics of his, who also is a mortgage guy. I'm thinking maybe he is the hidden boyfriend. Anyway, he didn't seem particularly interested in me as a person or old coworker , only a guy that wasn't buying his listing. He wasn't rude, and was even nice, but aloof.
Fourthly, when I get in my car to leave, it wouldn't go in gear. It won't go forward or backward, nothing. It didn't make any strange noises, no lights came on, nothing on the way there. It still started up fine, just putting it in gear made an awful racket. I figured the transmission went out. The car is a 2007! I called my father and he sent a tow truck to haul it and my dejected, frustrated ass home. In the morning, he will bring me his truck, so I can get to classes.
Tuesday, my mother goes for scans to make sure their isn't cancer anywhere else. Then they will schedule surgery.
As a bright spot, his friend is hot and more my type. He also offered to assist me when he saw me in the parking lot, bent over the front, looking under the hood. Jeff didn't and I was in the car he had to dodge to back up. It doesn't bode well for him. I'm not going to make excuses for him about that either.


Lemuel said...

It was certainly not your day. I hope things turn around for you and that even the dark clouds of this day bring unexpected good surprises and good fortune for you.

witomski said...

Dave....Holy poor baby. You need a serious virtual hug! Here it goes..........

Russ Manley said...

An 07 and the transmission falling apart? Jeezus, what brand of car you got Dave? Hope it's still under warranty.

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