Thursday, May 7, 2009

And How Was Your Morning?

What a freakin' morning this has been! I woke up at 10:30am because I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. No sooner out of bed, my mother called. Of course stumbling around for the phone and trying to get the dog out of my way and quiet, I missed the call. Finally, I got in touch with her. Both her and my father forgot some medication at home in their haste to get to the lake house. I had to go over to feed their little dog anyway, so I take mine with me so they can run an play together while I get their meds. Now as much as I'm over there when they are away, I rarely go in the house, though I have the key and alarm code. I let the dogs play and let myself in. The keypad is wore out, I'm pushing buttons, and cussing, because the alarm won't shut off. Finally, the siren goes of and Brinks calls to check. In the mean time, I've called my mother to find out what the hell is wrong with it. So I have my dog barking, the siren going off, talking to Brinks on their phone and my mother on my cell phone. I was about ready to scream. After all that was over with, I gather the medications and my dog and headed up the road only to realize that my wallet was home. I took the dog home, patted him on the head, got my wallet and off I went. I meet my mother half way and gave her the stuff and let her know she needs to replace the damn keypad for the alarm system.
I decided to be nice and mow their yard while they were away. I head back to their house, get the lawn mower out and get about half way done, when it runs out of gas. I have to go back into the house for the keys to the shop, to get the gas can. Same thing as before with the keypad. The alarm goes off AGAIN, but I finally get the damn thing to stop wailing. I got the keys off the hook and out the door I go. I found the gas can, thankfully full, put some in the lawn mower, put the can back, lock up the shop and return the keys to the house. I even set the alarm again and lock the door behind me. I'm riding around the backyard, sweaty as hell, but regrouped slightly after the annoying delays and just about finished with the yard. I happen to look up and see a sheriff's deputy standing at the corner of the house. I go see what he wants. He was cute as hell too! Look good in that uniform! Damn! Anyway, the alarm company called them because when they called the house the second time no one answered the phone! In my haste to get on with it today, I didn't bother to wait to see if they called before I went out to the shop. Oh well, what can you do? It was well worth it for the eye candy! But need a nap now!


Ur-spo said...

naps are wonderful; i took one once.

Lemuel said...

That's the kind of day that you just say ** and go back to bed!! (hopefully with the cute cop in hand! *wink*)

Bob said...

That was a Murphy's law Day, Dave, if there ever was one.

If that happened to me, I'd still be napping!

Jim said...

Thanks, I feel better about my day too!

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