Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just My POV

I'll be the first to admit that I had wanted/expected more from Obama on the gay rights front. I'll be the first to say "Thank you" to the states that have made great strides toward equality on their own. I'll also realize that the war, economy and health care are just as important to everyone whether they are gay or not. Undoing the damage of the Bush regime is a monumental task for anyone. Even with so many on our side now thanks to the Prop 8 fiasco, it will still take time to achieve the repeal of DADT and to recognize gay marriages on a federal level. I still believe all of these things will happen in time. I also know Obama is barely out of his first hundred days in office. Could things move along faster? Certainly. Do I wish it would? Hell yes! But despite whatever shortcoming real or perceived in our President, I would rather have him in office than Caribou Barbie/ McFlip. Everything has a season. Too much change too fast could cause more damage to our causes than this slower approach. Americans still need to process these changes that are coming. The religious right and the republican party needs to finish their implosions for all to see. When that time comes, when some of the dust has settled from the financial markets tanking, when the the economy has continued upward for a while and unemployment stops raising, when the new plan for ending the wars are finally implemented, the time will be right. While all of this is occurring isn't the best time to throw fuel on the fire with religious views clouding gay marriage and so many aspects of other things hanging over America at this time. The plate is full. Let's digest a little before hitting the buffet again. There is much to catch up on and make right and undo from the Bush years. I understand that. I don't expect miracles from anyone these days. I do expect an honest effort at the appropriate time. We elect our presidents to four year terms. Let's try to remember that. It isn't for only a few months. Things take time and timing is just as important.


Ray's Cowboy said...

very nice.

Jim said...

I concur!

Nice pic of you by the way!

Ur-spo said...

I agree. It takes a long while to change a culture, and its beliefs. trying to do it faster merely backfires or creates a backlash. I wish you could be sped up but it can't.
I have the satisfaction that change eventually does occur, although slowly.

Russ Manley said...

yeah, nice pic Dave . . . .

I hear what you're saying; but my problem is that Obama and his top advisors are not saying anything at all about gay rights. Mum seems to be the great big word.

We've been here before - with every administration for the last 40 years, ya know? Sit down, shut up, move to the back of the bus please.

But now Change has come to America. I'd feel a whole lot better if they were talking about our civil rights, and saying things like, Well now here is what we plan to do this year, or next year, etc. . . . there's a difference between waiting your turn - and just being blown off by people who don't care what you want.

But the silence from Pennsylvania Avenue is deafening. So instead of Mr. Change, have we really ended up with McSame after all? That's the question rolling thru my mind right now.

T.E.W. said...

Well said Dave, though I do agree with ya, I would like to see a place set at the table for us.

Bob said...

I agree with Russ.
During the camapign it was all about the gays, asking us to come along, to help out, letting us know that we matter, that we count, that he cares.
Now, with states passing marriage equality, he says bupkis.
DADT? Not right now, thanks.
It's the silence that pisses me off.

Richard said...

Well, maybe ... but an Arabic linguist is being drummed out of the Army on Obama's watch under DADT. Will Obama do anything about it?

And let's get real. While pushing his economic and health care plans he HAS made time to change our policy in Cuba, to radically change the way we deal with Iran, to give women a BIG bonus of a law so they can sue for back wages going WAY back ...

Yeah President Obama has found lots of time for other issues but zero time for us. What IS up with that?

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