Monday, May 4, 2009

Renovations Update

The new roof and porch extentsion.

New post, first coat of paint and shutters removed.

New railing my father and I made, then installed.

Everything done except staining the floor and
putting in the landscaping.


Peter said...

Well done Dave & Dad!

Russ Manley said...

Looking good guys.

anne marie in philly said...

VERY nice, dave!

Java said...

Wow! That looks fantastic! I think this is the first time I've seen the front of the house, certainly the first time I've seen any of the "before" pics.

Ur-spo said...

indeed, it is looking well.

Lemuel said...

Very nice, indeed!

Steven said...

Beautiful renovation, Dave! Along with the landscaping, would you consider lattice to cover the area under the porch?

Ultra Dave said... soon as my parents decide what they want there!

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