Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Gets Better, Right?

The last few days have been odd to say the least, mentally and physically. My doctor has me on some new meds that are a potent derivative of what I was taking. As the old medication decreases and the new builds up, I've been all over the place with roller coaster mood swings. I either sleep too much or not enough, I'm too high or too low, or just don't give a crap. I'll be glad when this levels out. It's been exhausting.
School also sucks. I dropped out again, same as last semester. Half way through, with high grades and suddenly no more interest. I discussed it with the shrink. He seems to believe it relates to my Inattentive Disorder. Stress seems to make it worse. Makes sense to me. Between school, helping my parents out and freaking out on my own time, stress is definitely evident. Since there isn't a pill for that (or so he says), I'll have to learn to cope somehow. Haven't had much success at that in 20 years, doubt that will change. Guess I'm up the creek without a paddle or just paddling in circles.
My frustration has been through the roof lately as well. I'm just itching to beat somebody up to get it out. So far I've refrained. Poor Izzy, he gets to hear my rant and rave around here. He runs and hides in the bedroom for a while. Bless his heart. I wonder if they can do a personality transplant yet? I need one.


Ur-spo said...

Are you taking Pristiq?

Lemuel said...

Hoping the new meds quickly find an equilibrium.

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