Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marriage Rant

What is this traditional marriage the haters keep harping about? They keep referring to the bible for their argument. One man, one woman to raise children till death do you part. That is a crock of shit. First off, the bible isn't every one's moral compass, and those not of that faith should not be bound by another's belief. The whole separation of church and state reason this country was founded argument ring any bells? Second, if you want to follow the bible because you are a believer then by all means do so, but don't pick and chose which parts apply to who and what to ignore. Marriage in the bible was for money, not love. It was also between a man and as many wives as he could afford. Also women were property, they had no say in the matter. Try that crap now and see where it gets you. They could be stoned or sold, discarded if you will, when the man no longer wanted them. So where is this traditional marriage now? The Mormons wanted to keep it that way, but no, they can't. Their religious concept of marriage was redefined for them through laws. Seems Christians can't keep their noses out of others bedrooms. Wasn't that long ago, that black and white couldn't marry either. Once again marriage was redefined. Oh and let's not forget the whole baby making angle. What about couples who don't want children or can't have them? Should they be divorced? Maybe a fertility test should be required before marriage just to make sure. What about the appalling divorce rate in general, hovering around 50% now for decades. Wouldn't it be better to protect marriages in existence than prevent new ones? Not surprising the divorce rates are the highest among those who claim to hold it in such high regard, the christian faiths. Go figure. They can't keep their own together, and they want to protect the holiness of marriage? Then they scream what about the children? What about them? Should unwed mothers be stoned and the child put to death? Isn't that traditional? Or has that been redefined to suit the times as well? There are a lot of single parent families these days. Thanks to divorce, which isn't traditional. Many men and women have done a great job on their own raising their offspring. It would be easier with two, you say? Correct! Another reason to allow same sex marriages. Two parents to help raise a child. It has been proven that with the proper love and support any child will grow to be a productive adult regardless of the type of household they were raised in. Now, on to the religious crap. There are two parts to a marriage, the civil and the religious. You can jump brooms, smash glassware, or take vows according to your religious beliefs. Unless you obtain a license, and get some signatures, you're shit of of luck. The government doesn't recognize it. Yep, that's right. Marriage as far as the government is concern is a binding contract between two consenting adults that have chosen to share not only their life together but the assets, debts and household chores. Without the paper, you aren't married in the eyes of the government, no matter how much you spent on the ceremony or where you held it. When, not if, divorce happens, given the straights abysmal record on it, you go to a lawyer not the preacher, minister, rabbi or any clergy. It has to be done through the court period. Once more, marriage is not sole property nor a right of any religion. Now is that clear?


T.E.W. said...

The problem with religion as I see it, is.
#01. They pick and choose what parts work best thus ignoring the ones that do not.
#02. They hide behind it as it is the only thing in there sad and lonely lives.
#03. And the religious right is, "do as I say not as I do". How many have lived the lives they dragged through the mud only to be caught with there hand in teh cookie jar for lack of a better term.

Java said...

Precisely. Well stated argument

Lemuel said...

The Breenlantern posts an interesting YouTube today that corresponds with much of what you say.

The longer this shit goes on, the more the "faith" of these religious hypocrites is discredited.

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