Thursday, August 18, 2011


While taking a break from weed eating around my parent's old place this afternoon, sipping my drink and contemplating the world, I was suddenly struck by nature, the beauty of it all. I sat there under the shade of a large oak tree, watching the light shimmer as the slight breeze fluttered the leaves. There was no traffic noise reaching the backside of the house, only the buzz of insects and the chirping of birds. I watched the ants go about their forging, oblivious to the hardships of mankind. I sat there, lost in thought, absorbed in the little oasis. I knew outside the borders of my parents property were myriad subdivisions, an elementary school, a busy highway and neighbors, but none of them intruded into my little calm space. Just the insects, the birds, the ants, the dappled sunlight and the cool breeze across the hill. I realized that is what the "country" is all about. Bless our little rural oasis. The calm in the turmoil that every soul needs.


Peter said...

The simple things in life are nowadays often overlooked, luckely sometimes we're more aware of these 'simple things' and then we enjoy them with gusto.

Anonymous said...

Yep Dave, that is why we do it

Ur-spo said...

good for you!
It sounds like 'purlieu therapy' still works!

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