Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Summation

Greatness appears from deep sadness or extreme tribulations it seems. Nothing is so inspiring as facing a loss of personal monumental magnitude to get the creative juices flowing. Nothing prods one onward to magnificent heights as the desire to overcome a tragedy. To rise above any fray, one must first learn how it came about. This is where so many fall short. The lack of introspection and laying of blame at one's own feet keeps many people from achieving personal greatness. (Being defined here as what make you the happiest, on a personal level.) So many fail at the simple feat of personal self assessment. Most fear those parts of themselves that are less than perfect. Most would rather keep it buried deep inside themselves and hidden completely from others, but those are the very things people need to face about themselves for their own benefit and usually a side benefit to their interactions with others. No matter what the issue is, how long ago it was, or how it came to be, it must be brought into the light to be examined. Only then, can the process of self healing begin. (Defined here as forgiveness, spiritual realization, or any-therapy.) These plagues upon the psyche, whatever type of issue, trauma, abuse or like, that is holding a person back from truly being the best they can be, must be dealt with directly. It is the only way to a personal level of self acceptance, personal happiness, and genuine contentment. Understanding yourself, forgiving yourself, and being yourself are the only things that can make a person truly great. It ain't about the consumption of goods or services. It ain't about money. It's about how you define yourself, in your life time despite whatever you may have experienced, for whatever reason. That is what matters the most. Do you allow events to tell you who you are or do you tell events who you are and that they have little bearing on you as person?

1 comment:

Ur-spo said...

I hope I tell the events and not the other way around.
The other way around sounds very passive and lacking mastery.

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