Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well, today I had to pawn 2 pieces of jewelry to pay the electric bill. I hated to do it but, I can't leave Izzy in a hot trailer all day long or do without the refrigerator. I'll get them out of hock before the month is out. I'd rather pay the ridiculous fee to the pawn shop than go to my parents for money. I'm gonna be late this month on the lot rent because of having to pay the power bill first. It will only have to wait till Friday instead of tomorrow. Of course, there will be a fee added to that as well, but what can you do? It seems like the more I work the less I make at Macy's. If we could actually get 40 hours a week instead of just 35 or 36 hours, it would make a big difference. Even at Christmas, the closest I came to 40 hours was 39.85. Still every little hour I can get helps. If my schedule was fixed, I'd consider a part time job somewhere, but with it jumping all over the place every week, it would be impossible to nail down set times to be somewhere else.

I have applied for a full time position with a small local jewelry store. I did a phone interview about 2 weeks ago. The sales manager seemed to be impressed with my knowledge and experience. I called last week to get a status update. Hopefully I will hear something this week. It would be great if I could get it. It is about half the commute and the schedule is 9 to 6 Tuesday through Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday, without the weird, useless extended hours that Macy's does routinely. It would be great to be back selling fine jewelry. I have my fingers crossed.

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Ur-spo said...

I am saddened to hear you had to do this.
Alas there is a lot of this going around.
I hope the $ improve very soon.

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