Monday, January 19, 2009

Dream Weaver

The last couple of nights I have had some very interesting dreams. Not only the subject matter but the fact I recall them at all and so vividly is in itself interesting. I figured I would share my inner world with you guys.
  • The first is that I own and operate some sort of space cruise ship. It opens after much fanfare for it's maiden voyage. I have some board meeting with some big shots just before the launch. I have to tell these people that we are broke and can't sell. That a huge amount of money is missing as well as some valuables. The news isn't taken so well. They moan and groan, then leave. Next I call the staff together to tell them the news. I'm very sad because I've grown very close to the staff over the time we have been readying the ship. They leave talking amongst themselves about what will happen now. Two maids are walking along a corridor discussing their future and that of the company, when one spots a cloth sack on the floor near a corner. She picks it up and looks inside. It's the missing stones. They rush to me to turn it in. They company, the jobs, the ship is saved from ruin.

  • Another is about some sky high resort. But it isn't a normal one. Sure there are bars, restaurants, shops, pools, shows. This place you can go a spend time with the deceased. The place is all white and turquoise blue like you see in the Greek isles. It reaches thousands of feet into the air, among the clouds. There are escalators and elevators all over the place that criss cross back and forth across the structure. There are balconies and courtyard, atriums and pools everywhere. I meet up with three of my closest dead friends and we just have a blast. Laughing, swimming, partying. The rooms are cool. Very high tech. They can change shape, views, and colors at the push of a button. I'm out swimming by myself in a lap pool of of my room, when all these pieces of jewelry start floating by. I gather them up, then approach my friends as to what to do with it. They have been there longer I figure they would know. They tell me I must take it to lost and found on another floor. I go down this balcony that overlooks an atrium filled with tropical plants and find the door at the end. I pass all types of stores along the way. I give the lady inside the bag of jewelry she thanks me and says I can ask for anything in return. I sit in the little lounge and think it over. Later she ask me what I decided. I say to be with my ex. She direct me to a little store down the hall. It's filled with all sorts of costumes and such. Suddenly my ex appears. It was better than it ever was in real life. We settle into a nice condo there and I woke up.

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Ur-spo said...

You and everyone who encounters you should be medicated as soon as possible.

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