Thursday, January 15, 2009


My chandelier arrived very quick. The UPS guy was sitting it on my steps as I pulled in from running errands. I checked it. No damage and all the parts appear to be with it. I'm so excited. I repacked it nicely and placed it in the closet for later. (I may take it out later and look at it again).

My father got his truck back from the repair shop. The original quote was about $3,800 and 5 days in the shop. It turned out to be $4,800 and 9 days. It looks as good as new. I'm waiting to see if he trades it in now.

The doctor officially upped my dosage from 225mg to 300mg. So I'll see how that works before I return for a follow up in a month.

I went to the grocery store after all that. I looked in every aisle. I didn't see guy that looked or was dressed like the fella in the picture below. Doggone it! It must have been his day off. However, I did have the really handsome, bald with a full beard store manager bag my purchase. It was a small consolation but I can dream about something tonight.


Lemuel said...

Funny thing, those errand boys never seem to be around in the stores where I shop either!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Yo u may have missed the Errand boy by a couple of seconds.
hope your new meds increase helps out.

Bob said...

No NudeGrocers here either!
But where'd you order the chandlier? We're looking for a new one ourselves and have been doing some online shopping as well.


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