Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tattoo Me

I already have 3 tattoos (see pics here). I have plans for two more.

I love this angel design. It's a similar style to my dragon.
I can't decide if I want it on my shoulder blade or near my ankle.
This is to represent my belief in the afterlife.

This one I want on my left ankle for sure. But I want it outlined
and filled in like the one below.
This one because I was born in the Year of The Snake.
I don't know exactly when I'll do it, but I'll
let y'all know after the fact with
some pics.


Peter said...

Shouldn't you save some money... you're out of work, you never know when you a normal income will be yours again. Wait till you have those things settled then you still can reconsider if you can't live without those tattoos!

[I know you don't want to hear the above comment]

Lemuel said...

I hear that tattoos are like potato chips! (You are never satisfied with one!) *grin*

Bob said...

Tattoos are like potato chips!
I got one.....and now there are six; but they all hold special meaning to me, and they aren't at all evident unless I want them to be.

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