Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's go Outside

We have finished the inside work on the house. Now on to the outside. There is a lot to be done there. Replace the front porch and columns, yard work galore, replacing the fascia board and reinstalling the gutters, a new deck on the rear of the house, moving the driveway and still some trees to be removed. It should keep us busy for the rest of summer. My parents aren't planning of moving in before late spring or early summer so that should work out about right. Also, when the grader comes to work on their place, he will work on my home spot too to save some money. That means cutting some trees there as well. Maybe it is a good thing my class was canceled. It looks like I'm gonna need the time for other things.


Bob said...

Sounds like quite a project, Dave.

I guess I won't complain about raking a few leaves!

A few MILLION leaves!!

Lemuel said...

It does sound as if the cancelation of class will actually be for the best. You want to do your best for both tasks (your homes and your classes).

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