Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday, after returning from the Home and Garden Show with my mother, I stopped by the grocery store on the way home. I needed to pick up some dog food and begging strips for Izzy, least he revolt and start gnawing my leg. I wonder over to the deli section and picked up a small but delicious chocolate creme pie, then moseyed over to the wine section for a bottle of Ecco Domani Chardonnay Pinot Grigio (the only type I can drink without an instant headache) and then proceeded to track down the pet food aisle. Low and behold, I approached a lady that looked very familiar. She had that look of recognition on her face as well. It was my absolute favorite teacher in high school! I hadn't seen her in 25 years! I gave her a hug and we chatted briefly. She retired after becoming principle there and then returned to college herself. Now she is a minister with her own church somewhere in the western part of the county! She looked the about the same, maybe a few pounds extra. I'm surprised she recognized me at all with the extra 40 pounds I've gain in the last 4 years. I was absolutely delighted to see her. She was always a class act. I was fortunate enough to have her for a homeroom teacher and 3 English classes during high school. She was always such a cool lady. That did my heart good!


A Lewis said...

You know, I've reconnected with my high school French teacher...she was awesome and still her retirement! Man, I'm getting old.

Lemuel said...

I'm sure that the mutual recognition felt good for both of you.

Steven said...

Glad you had a good reconnect. I always run into my math teachers. I want to run into my freshman PE teacher.

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