Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shoveling BS

Church is a six letter word, but behaves more like a four letter word. There is a huge disparity between what they profess to believe and the actions they pursue. If the churches had spent as much money on fighting hunger and poverty in this country (or elsewhere for that matter) as was spent on Prop 8 and similar ballot measures across the country and on abortion, think of the good that could have done. Think how people would now view churches and Christians in general. Instead they chose a different path. One that does not fulfill the basic mission of the church. The church wants everyone to believe as they believe. They are under the narrow minded view that their God is the same as every one's God. How conceited can an institution be? They seek to destroy individual freedoms that the state has granted, while casually dismissing that their saviour was all embracing. For them, there are standards that must apply to everyone except themselves. Where was the outcry for those children dying of hunger and malnutrition around the world? Where was the money to help abused women in third world countries? Why are they not opposed to gang violence here in the states? Why are they not counteracting groups like the KKK? It certainly isn't because they don't have the tax free resources to do so. We have seen what they can do in a short period of time if called by the pulpit to do so. It isn't because of the controversy involved. They have shown that too. Instead, the multiple millions of dollars were spent to remove rights granted by a court to consenting adults to fulfill the equality guaranteed by the US Constitution. The churches call it a sin, yet where are the actions against other sins? If there is no degree of sin, then why not go after adultery or molesters with that money? Why and how did they judge Same sex marriage as more of a sin than others? The churches decided to force their freedom of religion on those that do not subscribe to that belief, in essence becoming religious oppressors. The churches neglected to tend to those suffering in the world and created more suffering in the guise of "the will of God". Since no one knows the will of God, how were they privy to it? What God are they referring to? It wasn't one I'm familiar with. My God doesn't suggest me taking an active part in causing those who believe differently than I to suffer by my deeds. God handles it. So what did their BS campaign actually do to further the work they claim to be called to? It wasted resources better used for more meaningful, humanitarian purposes. It tainted the name of churches, donors and Christians a like. It caused suffering to a fringe group of people who only want equality that others enjoy. So I ask again, what did you do to please God? Why haven't you spent more to combat hunger, homelessness, abuse and hate groups? Maybe it has nothing to do with the "will of God" and more to do with the "will of Man".


Lemuel said...

Well put, Dave.

Bob said...

Amen, brother.
Very well said!

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