Friday, January 16, 2009

Toss The Trash

There has never been a war in the name of Wicca,
or many of the Asian religions.


Bob said...

I wanna say Amen, but that seems somehow wrong.

John said...

My thought is don't throw baby Jesus out with the bathwater. The hell with the h8ers and bigots, like the song says, "Jesus is just all right with me". I do understand why many feel this way. The things people do and say in the name of religion often pisses me off royaly. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I share the opinions of those before me.

Anonymous said...

Really stupid trash you produce and spit out to the minor mindet kids and diables out there.

With your so findet out theory you shoot exaclty beside the truth at all. Never war by asian religions? Guy, better check history before fucking tell this bullshit out here. Also even if...the wrong "book" is shown of the pic. If you want to turn it right, there should be an halfmoon and a star.


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