Friday, January 23, 2009

Front Porch Hijinxs

Today, my father and I are working on the front porch. We have already removed the floor board of the old one. We are replacing the some of the sub structure to beef it up to support the new roof line. Hopefully, that won't take long, then on to the new flooring, then the new columns. I decided to keep the old columns to use on my house's stoop, as well as some of the old floor boards for the rear deck. I like the idea of recycling, plus it's a memory from from grandparents and lowers cost. A win-win. I hope to be finished up by 2pm or 3pm at the latest. That depends if my father listens to my advice.


Lemuel said...

Speaking as a father, I wish to state that you would have been done by 10 am had he *not* listened to your advice. [I just had to say this. *eg*]

Steven said...

Don't overdo it and give yourself a sore body for the rest of the weekend!

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