Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who Put That There?

Yesterday, I was waiting for my mother to pick me to go shopping for a few things for their new digs, so I took Izzy out. We made a couple of rounds, him sniffing and peeing as usual. He would gallop, then walk, looking down the road for a car to chase, or a squirrel to bark at. Business as usual. We rounded the trailer once more, he spotted his nemesis. A free roaming neighborhood cat. I have no idea who it belongs to, but it's seen all over the 'hood. He ran out to the end of his leash, straining to tear through the barbed wire fence into the pasture where the cat, stealthily stalked its prey, unaware of his impending doom, should Izzy get the chance. I held on tight as he jumped back and forth, tethered to me. He would stand up on his hinds legs for a better view down the pasture. I spoke soothingly to him, told him not to bother the cat. He listened and quickly was ready to run some more. As we rounded the other end of the trailer, while at full gallop, he glanced back at the cat, but kept moving forward. He ran smack into a pole near the neighbor's trailer, shoulder first. He piled up like a train wreck in slow motion. I was startled. He had managed to miss it for 4 years while pulling the same stunt. I moved toward him to make sure he was alright. He gathered himself together, shook it off, and continued on like nothing had happened. I never laughed so hard in my life! I finally got him to come to me after he recovered from his embarrassment. He was fine. No damage done. I was thankful. I was still laughing when my mother drove up. I had to relay it to her. She chuckled. I'm sure after I put him back inside and left, he thought to himself, "Who put that there?"


Bob said...

Our little dog got a Frisbee to play with. So I threw it across the yard and he raced after it, picked it up. But he's so small that when he ran, his feet stepped on the Frisbee and he flipped end-over-end.
When he learned to grab the frisbee upisde-down, he held it so high up he couldn't see, and ran into a tree.
So much for the Frisbee!

Lemuel said...

That is funny!

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