Friday, January 30, 2009

Knight in Shining Armour

Over the years I've dated a lot of guys and tricked with many more. I wouldn't say I'm a slut by any stretch, but I'm not naive either. I've learned a lot about myself and relationships in the process, so even the ones that didn't work out for some reason, I consider time well spent. I've been single now for going on 9 years. It does get lonely. I could prowl the bars or hook up web sites. At my age neither appeals to me. I still think about my ex. I still think that maybe, one day I'll find another guy that I will form that kind of bond with. I don't go looking for it. I have learned that is when you won't find it, even if you lower your standards, which I refuse to do. Sex isn't as important as it once was, but companionship is. Compatibility is. Common interest and conversation is. Looks aren't as important as personality and humor, though attraction is still a must in some form. I've wondered occasionally what my next ex will be like. I wonder what his name will be. I don't dwell on it much. It really doesn't make a difference as long as it isn't David or Dave. I think that will be just too odd for me. I'm not really waiting for my knight to appear just as I'm not seeking him. I do have my eyes open. My ear to the ground. When he appears I'll know it. I'll know how to proceed. I've learned something after all these years.


Lemuel said...

My loves in the past have fallen into my lap, so to speak (with no pun intended). When I looked, I found none. When I left it to fate, something came along. I've decided to leave it to fate again.

rptrcub said...

I agree with the above statement -- my new romance happened when I wasn't looking for it.

Ur-spo said...

and you will trip over him when you least expect him or even find it convenient.

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