Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weirdness Week

I keep thinking today is Wednesday for some reason. This whole day has seemed a bit off. The week has too. Maybe its just me. Or the weather. Or because the days are slowly getting longer. Or the schedule I had planned out for the week. Whatever is the cause, I'm glad it is almost over.
My parents are going to the lake house for the weekend. I'm glad. They need a break from working on the other place. It will also give them to chance to see the grand kids play in some games on Saturday. I can't remember the last time they went. I'm sure it has been over a year.
While they are away, it will also give me some time to catch up on some chores I've put off to help them. I desperately need to go to the trash dump. I need to clean up the house and the car. I also want to go over to my property and mark some trees to be saved and others to be cut. Maybe even clean out some of the under brush a little. I have some boxes I need to go through. I can't even remember what's in them any more. Also sort out some other stuff I want to get rid of, either with my mother's yard sale this spring or give to Goodwill. There seems to be more things to do than hours in the day. I also bought a chandelier when my mother and I went antique shopping last week. I want to spray paint it black and use it in my bedroom at the new place. I also want to make some new floral arrangements, if I can get all the other crap out of the way first. My mother wants me to come to Salisbury Sunday to attend an antique and collectible market at the arena there. It seems there is much to do. I'll see Monday how much I actually got completed.


Lemuel said...

That's quite a to-do list. Good luck!

Bob said...

Man, Dave, with all that you want to get done, they aren't enough hours in a year!

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