Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Bit Miffed

My instructor for my online class has an assignment due tomorrow. I have tried to contact my supposedly team members to get stuff together so it can be submitted tomorrow before 6pm. So far not a peep. I even emailed them the basic outline/ guide to help get the ball moving. Still I haven't heard anything after 2 days and 2 emails. I've checked the school site for messages several times a day for the last week. Nothing. Nada. I finally got tired of waiting. I emailed the instructor on what should I do. This part counts as 20% of the grade for this lesson. Even if I did great on the rest of it, the best I could hope for would be 80. That sucks! Hopefully I'll hear something from one of them or the teacher before tomorrow and have time to get it done. I'm suppose to help my father some tomorrow so time is of the essence. If it wasn't a team project it would have been done and submitted a week ago.

1 comment:

Lemuel said...

As both a student and an instructor I did not like group projects. As usually assigned in an academic environment they do not really reflect the "workaday world" (which is their usual justification by academes) and they are blatantly unfair to good students.

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